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"WANTED" Pacific Hydraulic Press Brake 1000 Ton x 20' (6000mm) Model K1000-20
Year of manufacture should be late 60's to early 70's production.

"WANTED" Blue Valley Flanger #4 or similar for Dished End Production
Example's are pictured here below: (We buy ALL sizes Big & Small)

"WANTED" 30'++ Hydraulic Press Brake

"WANTED" ~ Need a Hydraulic Press Brake in the area of 500 Tons x 36'ft (12000mm)

"WANTED" McCabe Railroad Flanging Equipment

General description:

A McCabe Flanger is an old-time shop machine for forming thick steel plate.
It is used to form boiler and firebox parts.
Not a lot are left.
This is how they did it "in the old days."
The images show the TVRM flanger being used,
to form parts for the 4501 Firebox Restoration.
Very labor-intensive;
"No wonder railroads went to diesels".   Respond:

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